I had the lovely fortune to do three magical sessions with Leah. She is amazing!! She picked up on some totally random, super detailed, weirdly relevant things. Some litte-ish: like that there was an issue with my left shoulder. Some major-ish: like core wounds + blocks I’ve had since childhood. She helped me clear them all. What’s weird is, with her, it felt so easy! (I’ve worked with other people who are also great, but it took longer and somehow felt more stubborn/painful with them.) It’s like my soul feels lighter and sparkly and open to the beautiful path unfolding ahead now… Love you, Leah!! Thank you for you super special witchy ways! xoxo


Erin C.

Benicia, CA

Leah is such a gifted powerful physic, and her delivery method is straightforward and to the point. Leah provided an Akashic Record reading for me; she was able to tell me the status of my chakras and what current life trauma was affecting it. Leah also found past lives affecting me in my present life and gave me insight I did not know to heal and release. Most importantly, she reminded me of the power of self-love and channeled a beautiful message from my spirit guides. Leah does not sugar coat the message and gives you a raw approach to healing which I love.

Evelyn R

Las Vegas, NV

My experience with Leah during my spiritual healing was amazing! She uncovered so much about me that an average person could not possibly know. Afterwards I felt refreshed, lighter, and happier! She is so knowledgeable in what she does and explained everything so well. I highly recommend her to anybody in search of learning more about themselves and healing from past trauma

Leah C.

Morgantown, WV

I worked with Leah for a month and it was not what I was expecting at all… honestly, I don’t really know what I was expecting walking into it, but had an open mind.

Our first session was FULL ON in the best way possible. She had insight into me that I had never told anyone before and knew exactly what I needed to work on. She saw my energy drop half way through the session because in all honestly, it was confronting and I don’t know if I was ready to hear what she had to say. But honestly, if anyone was going to tell me and be my guide to help me through it, I’m glad it was her.

The next couple of session, she took me through a journey of letting go of one of my past lives and helped me when she knew I needed it (I wasn’t ready to let something go and with her kindness and intuitiveness, she helped me let go).

My last session with her, I definitely felt a shift in myself, almost lighter and more open. I still have stuff to work on, but she has given me the tools, courage and love in order to do it myself. And I have continued to use them since leaving her guidance.

Throughout this whole process, Leah always approach everything with so much love, kindness, gentleness, a little giggle here and there, and tough love in the sense of “hey, you’ve got shit to work through, you can either do it with me or by yourself, your choice, but it’s gonna be done”. There was never a moment when I felt judged or crucified by her, I never felt ashamed or embarrassed, she made me feel safe and that I could be vulnerable. Leah helped me to find the courage to work on the dark obstacles in my life and I am so thankful for being able to have this time with her. She left me with affirmations that I use every day and a sense of groundedness and strength to wake up every day and face the scarys. I love you Leah. Thank you for being you and the work you are giving to the world.

Irena R

Los Angeles, CA

Leah is truly a talented healer. In our trauma healing sessions I have come away with a deeper understanding of myself, my body, and the stresses and feelings that I carry with me. Leah has a very calm manner and as a person who does not sleep easily, I find myself deeply relaxed after she treats me. I have felt significant shifts in my body after she’s done her magic and walk away feeling lighter, unburden, and with new insights as to why I feel/do the things that I do. She also recommended every day practice that I can do between our treatments. Definitely looking forward to our next session!

Daniella M

Los Angeles, CA

Leah is an incredibly talented intuitive healer. I’ve had amazing experiences with herduring an astral clearing
session, trauma release session, and sound bowl healing session. She was able to clear a man and his daughter (from a past life) during our astral clearing session. She cleared a trauma that I had been holding onto for 42 years. I felt so much lighter and had tons of energy. Her sound bowl healings are so relaxing and calming. I highly recommend Leah and her
services to anyone in need of deep seated healing.

Randy H

Nashville, TN

Dear soul friends, i had an amazing session with Leah on trauma release. I went through an inside journey and faced a very important life I had massive issues to solve. She really helped me so much and I deeply recommend her if you are really focusing on healing to become a brighter light in this planet.

Love to everyone ❤️