Personal Energy Reading

Leah will record and send you a personal energy reading that was made just for you. 

Sound Bath

In this meditative experience Leah will play her endocrine set of 7 clear quartz crystal bowls. This collection of sound bowls are tuned to the frequencies of nature, grounding, deep relaxation, unconditional love, DNA repair, miracles and total healing. The vibrating waves produced by the sound bath will aid in aligning your energy centers aka chakras, feeling a sense of calm and lightness, and releasing negative or stagnant energy from the body and auric field. Leah can guide you with a channeled intention or one of your choosing. 

Virtual sound baths are best enjoyed in a comfortable place with no loud noise or distraction. Have a relaxing place to lay down like a couch or your bed. You can have blankets and pillows and surround yourself with special things like crystals. To get the best possible experience please listen with headphones and have something to cover your eyes like an eye mask or scarf to allow the ocular nerve to fully relax.


Timeline Healing 

In this hour long one and one virtual session with Leah, she will take you to a meditative journey to heal a scenario in your timelines. Changing and re-writing your story for positive impact is very beneficial for present-day you. On this journey, Leah will bring you to a timeline where you experienced trauma and together you will re-write this story. Clearing the trauma will allow present day you not to be triggered by this past experience. Release yourself of years of repetitive cycles, unhealthy patterns and get to the source of the issue. 
Leah will clear the stagnant energy trapped in your body, using the healing vibrations of her singing bowls in the sound bath you receive.
This will end the session feeling much lighter, calm and as though a piece of your soul has returned. 
Are you ready for a new, healed version of yourself?

Chakra Cleansing 

In this 1 hour virtual one on one session with Leah, she will take you on a meditative sound  journey of healing. From the root to the crown  she will examine each chakra using her psychic abilities to see what needs to be addressed and use the corresponding  sound bowls to cleanse and realign each chakra energy source. 

You will feel so full of love and light from this sessions while taking away knowledge about your own person chakras. Relax and feel clear with this beautiful sound bath and psychic aligning session

$133 – 1 Hr

Inner Child Journey

In this virtual one on one session with Leah, she will take you on a meditative sound journey of healing to reconnect you with your inner child and the magic that you felt as a young one. As we grow we take on trauma from  experiences of the outside world that dim the magic of childhood. Allow Leah to reconnect you with the wonders and excitement of being carefree, in a state of believing in mermaids, dragons,fairies and any other magical creatures that may come to you in this session. While in this meditative state Leah will examine your chakras and assist in releasing blockages that are holding you back from connecting with joy and happiness in your present moments. At the end of the session you will receive information on what was released and how you can continue to connect with your inner child on your own. 



Energy Body Healing 

This four week program is designed for those who are ready to dive deep and become the best possible version of themselves!

Leah will help you work on changing limiting beliefs about yourself that hold you back in the day to day. She will help liberate you from trauma and teach you how to heal yourself on your own. Leah will be able to access your timelines and future versions of yourself to see what your possibilities are. You will receive an Akashic Record reading  to find your soul origin, mission and abilities.

What you will receive

∴ 1 hour virtual sound bath each week to raise your vibration and align your chakras

∴ Channeled messages and personal affirmations from spirit guides

∴ Tarot and oracle card reading

∴ Daily astral clearing to help ease emotions

∴Cord cutting ceremony

∴ Access to Leah daily via email

You will have a virtual one on one session with Leah each week to connect with spirit guides, receive personalized channeled messages as well as the ability to contact her via email daily. You will receive a daily astral clearing from her to help with your trauma release. Combined with your own efforts, Leah will pull out and transmute trauma from this lifetime and lifetimes past. You will work on inner child healing as well as chakras.  You will also receive a 1 hour virtual sound bath to help realign your chakras and raise your vibration by releasing stagnant energy and feeling more calm and relaxed as you go through the process of change.

Are you ready for this journey of life changing improvement?